Actor, Eva La Rue, of the hit series CSI: Miami writes…

“Kathryn Yarnell is a Super REALTOR®. I admired her creativity as an Interior Designer when I first moved to Los Angeles back in 1983. When it was time for me to sell my first home in California Kathryn had become a real estate broker and I jumped at the chance to work with her. She quickly sold my house for me and helped me buy my next home too. When I became engaged to be married she found us a larger gorgeous house that we absolutely love while she is managing the sale of my former property. Kathryn is my go to REALTOR® of choice. It is like night and day from my experiences with other real estate agents. I whole heartedly recommend her to all my friends.”


Andi Howard music business executive and President of Peak Records writes…

“I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn in the spring of 2000. I met her at an open house in Malibu. It was her listing on a property that I ended up purchasing only because of Kathryn’s amazing efforts.

We owned a home in Woodland Hills and another property in Colorado. The plan was to sell both so we could move to our dream property overlooking the ocean.

I did not have an agent representing my Woodland Hills residence but was really taken with Kathryn. Her expertise and demeanor was perfect for the situation as she understood what needed to be done and her patience and positive outlook were extremely encouraging. I gave her the listing and she sold the property in one day. A few weeks later the property in Colorado was sold and we were able to get a bridge loan until the final closing.

There was one more piece to the puzzle…We had made an offer on the Malibu property and because the Seller was so emotionally attached it was not easy. We countered back and forth 13 times! We went up in $10,000 increments, the Seller came down in $1,000 increments!

Kathryn was fabulous. She negotiated this deal between Buyer and Seller with the understanding of the needs of both parties. She was professional, sincere, patient and fun. Both Buyer and Seller in all the properties walked away satisfied.

As a result of Kathryn Yarnell being such a fabulous agent I’ve had my dream home at the beach now for almost 10 years and more importantly a very dear friend in Kathryn Yarnell.”